Announcing our cosmetics recycling awareness campaign

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: June 10, 2022

The skincare and cosmetics industry requires a lot of energy and materials to function. The level of physical production of various products all around the world is only growing as demand increases.

At AWG, we know full well what potential damages this can have on the environment. As a company heavily involved in the skincare/cosmetics industry, but also as a company that cares deeply about climate-positive action, we find ourselves in the position of needing to do more.

This is why we are announcing our new awareness campaign designed to encourage members of the public, and those in the cosmetics business, to prioritise recycling on a mass scale.

We don’t want to see skincare product packaging being dumped into landfills, or see photographs of fish and animals choking on plastic. AWG recognises we could all do more, and we intend to do exactly that.

John Fibbin, AWG’s Chief of Innovation, said of the campaign:

“This awareness campaign aligns completely parallel to AWG’s ethical vision for the skincare and cosmetics sector. We’re absolutely passionate to promote climate-positive schemes that will ultimately shine the industry in a better light, and contribute to the ongoing climate battle.”

AWG are working with activist groups and public focus groups to create an engaging and unmissable marketing structure that will put the issue of recycling front and centre.

John Fibbin continued:

“We’re pledging today to significantly ramp up our public messaging on the issue of skincare and cosmetic product recycling. Knowledge is power, and that journey begins today.”

AWG will continue to work on promotional campaigns that focus on our collective progressive mission.

If you would like further information on skincare and cosmetics recycling in the UK, you can

  1. In England and Wales you can go to GOV.UK – Recycling collections and entering your postcode.
  2. In Scotland you can select your local council from the dropdown list at MyGov.Scot – Rubbish, bins and recycling.
  3. In Northern Ireland you can select your local council from the list at NI Direct Government Services.
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