Announcing our Cycle-to-Work scheme

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: May 8, 2018

AWG has launched a fantastic cycle-to-work scheme for our employees that we believe will benefit them financially and physically.

This is part of our mission to both contribute to climate-positive action, and look after the well-being of our staff.

AWG is taking the generous step of offering to purchase a brand new bike for every willing employee. The cost of the bikes will then be paid off over the course of 24 months from small deposits from each salary on a monthly basis.

This means our employees can cycle to work on a brand new bike for the price of two pints of beer per month. In fact, each employee will be making a huge saving of over 40% on the RRP of their selected bike.

With the ever growing popularity of cycling, public roads are becoming much more cyclist-friendly, and inner city cycling is taking off like never before. This means our employees can cycle to work safely, save money, and get healthier at the same time.

This scheme is of course voluntary, but the more employees that sign up, the more successful we feel our team will be.

AWG puts the health of our employees first above all else, and we’re extremely excited to expand our cycle-to-work scheme in the future.

We call on other companies to implement similar policies so we can join the cycle revolution together.

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