Ditch the office? Our work-from-home internal study boosted productivity by 64%

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: May 9, 2022

The concept of remote working, or working from home, has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years. During a time of global crisis, millions of people were working outside of the office for the first time in their professional lives.

AWG has always been a huge proponent of remote working, as we believe it is important for our employees to achieve a healthy work/life balance, and it is much more sustainable for people to work from home if they are able to, or want to do so.

We are thrilled to report that as a result of our support for remote working, the output of our team has only increased.

According to an internal study run by AWG, it was found that among those employees who chose to work from home, the overall level of productivity rose by a staggering 64%. The increase was immediate, noticeable, and remained consistent throughout the length of the study.

AWG’s Head of Human Resources, Meera Burman, said:

“The results of our study are astonishing, but not entirely surprising. When people feel stressed at work, their productivity usually suffers. Stress can come from many directions, but one of the most problematic sources of stress comes from commuting to work. Starting your day in a traffic jam or being crammed on a packed train for an hour isn’t going to get you in the best of mindsets. Working from home however ensures that employees can wake up and work in a relaxed environment at their own pace.”

The study showed that employees were not only less stressed, but were actually more motivated when empowered to work remotely. AWG puts its employees first, and have always been proud to lead the way in remote working even before the Covid-19 pandemic.

But where AWG stands apart from other companies is our hands-off approach. AWG have never implemented a digital monitoring system that tracks how long an employee is on their computer, or demanded that their webcams were turned on all day. This element of freedom has strengthened employee trust and loyalty.

Michael Grape, AWG Chief Executive Officer, remarked:

The conclusion of our internal study has only solidified our existing position on supporting employees who wish to work from home. We’ve always believed it was the way forward, and I’m sure we will continue to innovate in this area.

AWG management looks forward to ushering in a new era of optional work-from-home.

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