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Pride month: Doing our part to stamp out trans hate online

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: June 1, 2022

Today is a momentous day for AWG – for pride month we’re announcing our “stamp out trans hate” advertising campaign.

Trans hate globally has been exploding inexplicably, and we think this is unacceptable. Hate has absolutely no place within our communities, and we believe that not acting against it is complicit – we hate hate.

With our efforts toward stopping hate online, we will be deploying ads across Reddit during the entire month of June.

We believe that Reddit serves an important role in our current zeitgeist, which is why we’ve selected it personally.

These ads are intended to raise awareness and contain directions on how Redditors can block and report any subsequent hate speech they find on the platform, to further purge this filth from society and online discussion.

Micheal Grape, the AWG Chief Executive Officer, has been working in close collaboration with our internal diversity directors and our Reddit advertising partners to coordinate an effective campaign that achieves AWG’s forward-thinking philanthropic vision.

We have been extremely passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion across all of AWG’s collaborative brands, and stamping out viscious online hatred is only a small but essential part of that.  We are determined to make a real impact with our upcoming innovative awareness campaign.

– Micheal Grape

Furthermore, AWG diversity director Ayaan Rosa-Brown had this to say about the campaign:

The objectives we’re trying to achieve with this campaign are both ambitious and morally correct. People who have hatred in their hearts have no place in our society – we believe it’s our corporate duty to use our influence, reach, and resources to reeducate such folks. We believe the good users of Reddit are allies in our efforts to stop anti-trans bigotry.

For further enquiries on our anti-trans hate initiative, please reach out to us here.

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