How AWG is protecting employees during COVID

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: April 6, 2020

The sudden and devastating emergence of Coronavirus this year has turned the world upside down. Everyone connected with AWG is sending our thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by this pandemic.

Yet, even in these unprecedented times, work still continues. This is why AWG is taking all the measures humanly possible to best protect our employees.

Firstly we have implemented a comprehensive work from home policy. At the moment, none of our employees are permitted to return to work in the office, or turn up on site for any reason. Through technology like Zoom, our team members can get in touch with everyone both collectively and individually while everyone is safely in the comfort of their own home.

Next we have granted furlough to certain employees who have expressed concerns about their mental health or feel impeded in their ability to work. We understand that everyone’s individual circumstances are different, and AWG as a company will never put the health of our employees in any other position than top priority. AWG has also arranged counselling and therapy sessions to those who need it most.

Finally, AWG’s management team are planning for the future. While we’re in the midst of this pandemic right now, it will come to an end at some point in time. When it does, AWG will be ready to welcome back our team in a safe and comfortable work environment. AWG is in constant contact with public health professionals and scientific advisors who will help us oversee these measures.

All of us at AWG are sending our support to everyone during this difficult period. However through our commitment to safety and well-being, we believe we have placed our employees in the best situation we can.

We will continue to monitor the news and be fluid in the action we take.

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