Medical content advisory board: keeping our content reliable and accurate.

In an ever-changing industry such as publishing, consumers demand accuracy and reliability, especially when it comes to medical content. Our reputation is everything, and we believe that being able to trust the content that you’re reading is fundamental to ensuring satisfied readers.

We take great pride in the accuracy of the work across our network, and our team of expert medical advisers and reviewers ensures that everything we publish is of pinpoint accuracy and relevance by ensuring statements are factual, information is up-to-date, and our sources are credible.

Meet the medical content advisory board

We’ve retained the best and brightest minds in various medical sectors to help keep our content medically accurate and as trustworthy as possible. Learn more about the professional advisors appointed to our board below:

Wendy Belman
Wendy Belman, MD
Wendy comes from a background in private healthcare and specializes in dermatology and neonatal cosmetic surgery. With her vast experience, she contributes to AWG's Medical Content Advisory Board.
Dr Ian Grady
Dr. Ian Grady
Dr. Ian Grady has over 15 years experience in private sector cosmetic dermatology. Always bold and to the point, his deep insight is used correct inaccuracies and ensure quality in the AWG publishing network.
Vincent Lloyd RD
Vincent Lloyd, RD
With an extensive background in human nutrition, Vince is well-placed to review and amend all content across our network involving food and dietary advice.
Vincent Lloyd RD
Aubrey Geller, PhD
Dr. Geller is a practising dermatologist and Medico-Legal with a background in content auditing. She joins AWG's MCOB to provide her analytical eye and wealth of knowledge across the skincare sector.
Vincent Lloyd RD
Dr. Pajeet
Dr. Pajeet Chawla heavily contributed to India's rising skincare industry by sharing his professional medical knowledge with businesses and consumers alike. He brings unmatched insight to AWG's Medical Content Advisory Board, especially relating to cosmetic trends on the Asian continent.
Vincent Lloyd RD
Sara Neves, PhD
Coming from a Biotechnology background, Sara serves our Medical Content Advisory Board with her vast knowledge of all things related to biotech-beauty; from formulations to discovery to development and production.

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