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Meet The AWG Medical Content Advisory Board

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: October 18, 2022

AWG is pleased to announce a significant addition to our web content reviewal team in the form of a medical advisory board.

Staffed with qualified professionals from the medical and health fields, AWG’s M.C.A.B (Medical content advisory board) will take a leading role in proofreading and fact-checking any and all medical and health-related information that we publish throughout our content network.

AWG CEO, Michael Grape, commented on the new department.

Over the past year, AWG’s publishing network has been expanding at a rapid rate. Our writers have always strived to provide the best informational content on the web, but we have realized the need for qualified medical personnel to review and green-light our health-related output. We firmly believe the creation of our medical advisory board will help give our customers that extra layer of trust when interacting with our publishing.

The AWG medical advisory board is comprised of Dr. Wendy Belman, Dr. Ian Grady, Dr. Vincent Lloyd, and Dr. Aubrey Geller. All four are certified dermatologists with a combined 35+ years of experience. Together, they will contribute their expert evaluations and assess all of AWG’s network publishing content for medical accuracy.

Dr. Ian Grady remarked,

It’s incredibly important for all publishers to actively audit their own content to ensure it has the highest standards of informational authority. This is why I believe AWG is an industry leader by always going the extra mile to empower professionals to do their part in making sure all content is factually correct and valuable to readers.

Effective immediately, all website content will be sent for medical review before being published. This will guarantee that AWG’s already high standards will rise ever more, and that readers across the entire AWG publishing network are only being served the best informational content that has been meticulously inspected and appraised by qualified experts.

AWG continues to set an inspirational example of content excellency that can be emulated on an industry-wide scale.

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