Official statement: AWG Head Office Incident 25/3/2023

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: March 31, 2023

On 25/3/2023, a violent incident broke out at AWG’s head office, involving two members of managerial staff requiring medical treatment.

Local community officers were swiftly called to the scene to address a disturbance and potential hostage situation involving a member of staff having a psychotic episode, brandishing a bladed object toward other members of staff.

After lengthy negotiations, community officers deployed a non-lethal means of de-escalation, and the situation was resolved after a 4-hour period.

Medical treatment was administered at the scene, with one member of staff receiving treatment for minor lacerations, and another being taken to the hospital for inflicted stab wounds to the hand.

Michael Grape, AWG’s Managing Director, made the following statement:

“We’re all deeply shocked and saddened by the events at our head office this week. We are cooperating with all relevant authorities, as they conduct their investigations into this tragic and unnecessary incident.

However, we will not allow this to deter us from our main mission; we will continue to asset that trans rights are human rights, and diversity conquers all adversity.”

This tragic incident only drives home the importance, and lack of mental health care in the United Kingdom. AWG will be pledging a charitable donation to mental health charities and trans rights charities in the coming months — dates to be announced.

We would like to thank local law enforcement and our community for their support, compassion, and understanding as we navigate this challenging situation.

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