Standing up to climate change by planting a tree for every article

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: May 29, 2019

Climate change has become an immediate concern for everyone across the globe. Scientists claim that unless we do something now, there may be irreversible consequences in the years to come.

AWG takes this very seriously and is motivated to become active in the fight to save our planet.

Today, AWG is pleased to announce that for every article published throughout our collaborative network, we pledge to plant a new tree. This will not only result in direct action to combat climate change, but will set an example across the sector and encourage others to do more.

Lukas Schneider, AWG’s Chief Operating Officer, commented:

“This pledge signifies AWG’s commitment to fight climate change. We understand that many people have a perception that companies such as ours don’t pull their weight in these types of matters – we want to change that perception.”

Mr. Schneider continued,

“We hear from our partners and collaborators all the time about how their readers are raising the issue of climate change on an increased basis. If it’s important to our customers, it’s important to us. Everyone is motivated to make a real impact.”

AWG is enthusiastic when it comes to global and social change, and we are excited to make this public pledge.

We call on other industry leaders to follow suit and work with us to revolutionise the role of businesses in the fight against climate change.

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