Supporting our staff in going ‘Meat Free’

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: August 14, 2018

AWG is committed to building a better world in the face of climate change. Along with our cycle to work scheme, we are announcing additional strategies that will not only act to further empower our employees, but contribute to positive climate action in the corporate sector.

One of those strategies is our ‘Meat Free’ support scheme, which is designed to help our employees transition to a meat-free diet with the least amount of disruption to their daily lives.

It’s common knowledge that wide-spread farming and meat production exerts a large carbon footprint, and in order to create a more sustainable world going forward, more and more people need to transition to meat-free or plant-based sources of nutrition. This is why AWG and our collaborative partners have agreed to assist all of our employees in converting their usual diets into a much more climate positive model.

We have done this in a few ways:

Firstly we have ensured that all food served/available in our various office locations is 100% meat free. Employees are of course free to bring their own lunch to work if they choose, but we are adamant that meat will not be sold or provided on our premises.

Next, we regularly sign our employees up for newsletters and online educational courses that focus on the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle. They are now able to familiarise themselves easier than ever before on these new important issues, free of personal expense.

Finally, we have begun to explore the insect-based food sector as a matter of interest. Billions of people across the world regularly consume insects as a staple of their diets, yet the western world has yet to catch up. We are doing our best to learn and educate our teams about this exciting food revolution.

AWG is continuing to monitor the progress of this initiative and will report findings when it is appropriate to do so.

One thing is for certain however, AWG continues to be an innovator in the corporate sector when it comes to climate positive action.

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