We’re searching for the best, brightest & the most driven professionals to join our brilliant and progressive team.

Benefits and Perks

AWG is a fast-paced, challenging and exciting place to work, and ensuring job satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. 

We provide the following benefits to all our employees:

Available positions:

Beauty Editor

We are currently looking for a passionate and motivated candidate who ideally has prior experience within online publishing to join our beauty editorial team.  


  • You will be responsible for sourcing and researching the latest beauty trends in order to present them to our readers.
  • You will take a leading role in forming professional relationships with brands in order to granted access to new and innovative products.  
  • With an editorial team, you’ll be tasked with producing in-depth and informative content that educates our readers on the products you are showcasing.


  • Excellent communication skills.  You will be speaking to industry insiders and experts on a daily basis, and must be able to form long lasting and trustworthy relationships with them.  
  • Strong decisiveness.  We’re looking for a confident decision maker who has a firm vision and a desire to follow through. 
  • Proficient writing ability.  You will be writing a lot of varied content throughout the day, so you must be very capable in your writing skills.  Your content must be engaging as well as informative. 
  • Impeccable punctuality.  This is a fast paced environment and we work to multiple deadlines.  You should be comfortable with that sort of atmosphere and excel inside it.    

Marketing Assistant

We are searching for an applicant who has extensive marketing and strategic experience to join our commercial team.  


  • You will work closely with our commercial and sales team to produce varied marketing strategies across our full network. 
  • You’ll conduct audience research across a number of key sectors to better understand the areas where we need to re-evaluate our focus.
  • Pitching and presenting new marketing campaigns to potential partners and members of the board on a regular basis.


  • Adherence to strict deadlines and briefs.  You must be able to meet multiple deadlines throughout the week on numerous tasks.
  • Big picture thinking.  Seeing the wider macro playing field will be essential to plan our future strategy. You should be aware of what is happening in the wider market and apply it to your role at AWG. 
  • Confidence in presenting ideas.  As mentioned, you will be required to pitch to the board and potential clients regularly, so you must have excellent presenting skills and be an excellent communicator.  

Staff Writer

We are currently looking for two new writers to join our content staff.  Prior experience is preferred but each applicant will be individually evaluated. 


  • You will work within a writing team across our skincare and cosmetics platforms producing written articles, blogs and reviews.
  • Attending team meetings, putting forth ideas for new content, assisting the editorial team when needed.
  • Completing a set minimum amount of content per day.


  • Writing skills.  You must excel in content writing.  This role requires a lot of content to be written on a consistent basis, so you need to be able to produce accurate and quality pieces without prompt. 
  • Be collaborative.  You’ll be working with a team of staff writers.  You should be comfortable with that dynamic and able to both present ideas and constructively critique others.  
  • Be knowledgeable about the skincare and cosmetics world.  You must already have extensive knowledge of the industry and always be learning more.  Keeping on top of industry developments will help you to write more informative and valuable content for AWG. 

IT Technician

We are searching for an experienced computer technician to assist our IT department in various areas of infrastructure. 

This is an on-site position.  


  • You will need to keep on top of technical issues throughout the office and work with the rest of the tech team to solve any problems. 
  • Work on security infrastructure to better protect our digital systems and web platforms.
  • When necessary, assist the management team in acquiring suitable new software and hardware for the company.


  • Extensive technical knowledge of computer and web systems.  You must be able to work on multiple operating systems such as MAC OS and Windows. 
  • Be knowledgeable on new emerging technology and be able to evaluate whether AWG needs to upgrade or replace certain pieces of our technical infrastructure. 
  • You must be an excellent communicator and be able to liaise with multiple teams from numerous departments about their technical needs and concerns.