Acquisition of IDM Creative

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: July 19, 2022

Atkinson Ward Group are pleased to announce the acquisition of IDM Creative.

IDM Creative is a creative agency located in the United Kingdom that specialises in copywriting, content, and web/UI/UX design.

Since 2018, IDM Creative has been a trusted AWG partner, having worked and consulted with us closely on our collaborative brands, deploying their expertise and experience to ensure our media offerings continue to set the standard for innovation & creativity.

In an ever-changing digital world, staying ahead of the competition is a key part of our corporate strategy – bringing the best and brightest minds on board is how we intend to do that.

Our plan for IDM creative is simple – it’s business as usual; with this acquisition, IDM Creative will continue to serve external corporate clients, as well as serve our collaborative publishing brands.

Michael Grape had this to say on the matter:

Acquiring IDM Creative just makes sense. They integrate perfectly with our business and having an in-house agency to ensure our collaborative brands are as good as they can be will prove invaluable. We’ve been impressed with their work and results since the first project we did with them, and I’m positive that they’ll only continue to do great things for our collaborative brands, and any other business who retains their services.

IDM Creative has been a consistent spearhead of innovation within the corporate design sector, leading the way for widespread evolution both in the boardroom and on the web.

To learn more, please visit, or reach out to us directly.

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