Empowering and investing in the people who work for us

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Written by: Hannah Murphy
Published: March 16, 2022

In an ever changing world, it’s important to develop and adhere to the strongest of principles in order to continue being successful on a large scale.

At AWG, we are planting our flag in the ground in the hope we can inspire businesses around the world to join us in bringing a new wave of innovation to the work arena. We’re not only looking to create positive change, we’re aiming to lead a radical transformation.

It is therefore of upmost importance that we empower and invest in our employees. They are at the front-line of our business and without them we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the things we have. We don’t look at our workforce as a collection of faceless measurable performance statistics, but as real people who can mobilise us to strive for better. If we can help our team members to create a better future for themselves, we believe they in turn will help us build a better future for everyone.

To help us accomplish our collective goal, the Atkinson Ward Group have laid out the following key pillars;

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in equality in every aspect of life. AWG have lead the way in creating an industry-leading diversity policy that guarantees opportunity to all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background and religious beliefs. Our drive to lift up minority voices, to empower marginalised groups, and to open the gates of inclusivity to usher in a new generation of leaders will never stop, and we will actively call on our peers to follow our lead.

Career Development

AWG is allocating resources that will encourage our employees to refine their strengths and follow their ambitions. It is our duty to carve out viable career opportunities within our business structure, and we are focussed on helping our people grow and achieve. Whether it is investing in new areas of training, or ensuring our team members are embedded within comprehensive networking systems, AWG is determined to lift our people up as much as we can.

Community Leadership

AWG takes a leading role in the community. Our employees are given autonomy to seek out challenging social issues and to apply their expertise in the aim of building a better world. AWG is designating philanthropic resources and empowering our teams to build community action schemes that garner confidence and trust.


The world has changed. Gone are the days of clocking in and clocking out. AWG entrusts our employees to actively pursue their own idea of a healthy work/life balance. While we love seeing faces around our offices and events, we are strong advocates of remote working. After conducting internal research across our network, we discovered that remote work has a host of benefits, both related to productivity and nurturing positive mental health. The happier our people are, the happier we are, and the more we can accomplish together.

Already, the enforcement of these key pillars has yielded extremely positive results. AWG is resolute in continuing and expanding our employee empowerment structure as we go into the future.

We know this is just the beginning, and we’re excited to see where this journey takes us.

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